The High Gallery is a project of the trademark “ROOR”, that aims to include, publish and disseminate artworks made by artists of different disciplines on the websites and social networks (such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any platform) of ROOR and/or associated to the project, as a virtual gallery art, with the purpose, among others, to promote the professional career of emerging artists.


An artist-curator designated by ROOR will select the artists, as well as the artworks of their authorship that will be part of the project.


The image and information about the selected artist will be used for the promotion of his participation in the project.


In return for the participation of the artist in the project The High Gallery, ROOR will compensate him and create and execute an Instagram ADS media plan to promote him, as well as his artworks.


After the selection of the participating artists, ROOR will explain to each selected artist the terms and conditions of participation, which will be included in an agreement that the artist must sign to be part of the project.